1. Key group neurology/psychiatry

Due to the size of the practices, and the subsequent wide range of experience with patients in different disease areas, as well as the co-operation with various institutions (in- and outpatient, rehabilitation, geriatric, health insurance fund and other associations), NeuroTransData is the ideal platform for the execution of:

  • market analyses
  • the development of marketing strategies
  • the development of educational concepts
  • key account management
  • projects with health insurance companies and other institutions
  • study consultation and execution

2. Medical care studies/data analysis

In close cooperation with two IT specialists, a database was developed to gain standardized and fully anonymous patient data from all participating offices.

All collected data (e.g. social anamnesis, secondary disorders and therapies, diagnostic, specific therapies, follow ups, quality of life, neuropsychological, pharmaeconomical etc.) is gained systematically and chronologically in each practice.

Depending on the objective, the various data can be connected to at will, and (index-linked) altered over time, should the objective change. The initial data remains unchanged

In this way, just about every specific request can be responded to.

The database serves as platform and has been used for the development of further modules (other diseases). It is constantly maintained and further developed by two IT specialists and the NTD members.

Currently the database is active for Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Epilepsy, Depression, Schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. The integration of other groups of illnesses such as Parkinson disease, Stroke etc. is being planned.

3. Platform for studies

All associates (practices) are experienced in carrying out phase II-IV studies, investigator-initiated trials and application observations. For the participating doctors and study-nurses, NTD has established internal curricular trainings for the standardized approach after GCP (Good Clinical Practice). Each office employs at least one specifically trained study-nurse for the coordination and implementation of studies.

With the great number of patients within the network (approx. 600,000 p.a.) NTD is therefore the ideal platform for the execution of studies.

Besides the implementation of finished studies, the expertise of NTD also allows for the independent development and planning of customized studies or the consultation of institutions – including biometric analysis and publication.

Due to the established network of NeuroTransData and fast access availability to each office, a central control of studies has become possible.